Americas Congress Online

24th October 2020



Dear Team Partner!

Special times call for special measures!

Therefore, in this special year, instead of national congresses, we are happy to take the opportunity to "bring you together" on a continental level for a unique ONLINE event - the first "ONLINE Americas Congress" in the history of PM-International!

Also ONLINE we have an event packed with top-class international speakers, top news about your business, many recognitions for reaching new sales levels and moreover a product launch that has never been seen before at PM-International!

Can you imagine a FitLine product that has an additional sales growth potential of more than 250 Mio EURO internationally in the upcoming 12 months alone?

Are you already curious about what is coming, and what Rolf Sorg, CEO and founder of the PM-International Group, Mr. Sammy El Ghoul, Dr. Tobias Kühne and many others are going to introduce?

Then now is the right time to register for this unique ONLINE event!

Get the exclusive access to the first continental Americas Congress Event on PM-TV!

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Going to the National Congress was an opportunity for growth for me, it was a significant and educational experience to experience it with leaders from all over Chile;
as well as the input from scientists and Sammy El Ghoul sharing excellent information about the products and services of this great company.
Every time I participate in these events I leave with a feeling of motivation that allows me to continue bringing these excellent products to more people in Chile.

— German Hugueño International Marketing Manager (Chile)

Congresses can only deepen your trust in everything that PM is doing!
You will hear news about the company from CEO Mr. Sorg!
You will learn about products from Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Kühne!
This is an important annual opportunity for new members to see, hear, and feel everything about PM.
Do you want to get excited with us?
You must be there!

— Kyoko Akiyama Platin President´s Team(JP)


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24th October 2020

For log in, please use your team partner ID (no email address) and your usual password as you do for your PM Office registration.

Registration for the ONLINE Congress ends on 24.10., 8 AM EST!

Registration for the ONLINE Top Management Training ends on 23rd of October, 12 PM (EST)!

Only registered IDs are entitled to participate in pre-orders and product promotions during the ONLINE congress!


Participation fee:

25 $ (Including one free FitLine Activize)

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