Americas Congress Online

24th October 2020


In case you need any help you can contact the following person

Emergency Crew Americas Congress

Country: Chile

Contact Persons:
Eduardo Christians

Priscila Ramírez  
Phone: +56966204898

María Villegas
Phone: +56229935374

E-Mail: Chile@pm-international.cl

Country: Mexico

Contact Persons:
Maritza Balcázar
Alma San Vicente
Verónica Echeverría

Phone: +525550842306

E-Mail: service@pm-international.mx

Country: USA North Office
Phone: +1 800 686 1760 or +1 724 325 5530

E-Mail: customerservice-usa@pm-international.com

Country: USA South Office

Contact Persons:
Tanya Murray
Mia Ortega

Phone: +1-844-955-4600

E-Mail: Customerservice-op@pm-international.us

Country: Canada

Contact Persons:
Otus Pare
Jamie Chen

Phone: +1 905-569-1844

E-Mail: service@pm-international.ca

Country: HQ America

Contact Persons:
Sammy El Ghoul
Phone: +1-844-955-4600

E-Mail: sammy.elghoul@pm-international.es

Country: Brazil

Contact Persons:
Giosuè Finelli
Phone: +55 11 55 31 72 91

E-Mail: contato@pm-international.com.br


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24th October 2020

For log in, please use your team partner ID (no email address) and your usual password as you do for your PM Office registration.

Registration for the ONLINE Congress ends on 24.10., 8 AM EST!

Registration for the ONLINE Top Management Training ends on 23rd of October, 12 PM (EST)!

Only registered IDs are entitled to participate in pre-orders and product promotions during the ONLINE congress!


Participation fee:

25 $ (Including one free FitLine Activize)

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