Americas Congress Online

24th October 2020


Recognition - 24th of Ocotber 2020

Recognitions - Saturday, 24th of Ocotber 2020

Recognitions at PM-International are always marked by emotional highlights!

Due to the current situation, we unfortunately cannot "hold each other in our arms" or look each other in the eyes during these recognitions.

But even if our event is broadcasted on PM TV and you can experience the highlights from the comfort of your own home, your performance should of course be appreciated. Please feel free to celebrate together at home when your name appears on the screen!

Yes, you heard right - on the screen!

All new levels (from IMM) of the past 3 months (July, August, September 2020) are reflected in our recognitions, which will be shown on the screen throughout the entire broadcast!

We are happy to have you with us!


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24th October 2020

For log in, please use your team partner ID (no email address) and your usual password as you do for your PM Office registration.

Registration for the ONLINE Congress ends on 24.10., 8 AM EST!

Registration for the ONLINE Top Management Training ends on 23rd of October, 12 PM (EST)!

Only registered IDs are entitled to participate in pre-orders and product promotions during the ONLINE congress!


Participation fee:

25 $ (Including one free FitLine Activize)

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